An interview with Ms. Sakshi who got placed with TCL during her...

An interview with Ms. Sakshi who got placed with TCL during her Multi Track Course.


Ms. Sakshi Dixit enrolled at I-Medita for Multi-Track Program. She got selected with Tata Communication Limited during her course. She shares her training experience. 

Question: Hi Sakshi, heartiest congratulations for getting your first job with Tata Communication Limited in Networking Domain. So, how it feels like?

Answer: I am absolutely ecstatic! On cloud nine! Seems like my hard work, the guidance of my gurus and blessings of my elders finally paid off!

Question:  Why I-MEDITA, what was the reason that you picked it over several others present in your own city and the nation over?

Answer: Because having extensively searched for an institution with a proven track record, I found I-Medita s profile appealing. I did research about trainers, Labs and previous placement records as well.

Question:  Could you please brief us about the interview procedure, so that it could be helpful for other Networking aspirants?

Answer: Initially we were put through the SVAR test which is a thorough assesment of the candidates communication skills.

Then questions from all spheres of networking were asked in a one on one interview..

Preparation,dedication and motivation shall ensure that u sail past all the hurdles put forth. Then I had a Technical Interview which went very well and I answered all the questions very carefully and with patience.

Question:  What helped you most to crack the interview and grab the offer?

Answer: Having adopted a systematic approach to preparation from the beginning i was well equipped to face the interview and the tests…Basically i just kept myself motivated and my confidence high at the time of the interview. Regular motiviation from I-Medita team also encouraged me to keep learning.

Question:  How was the journey with I-Medita your experience please and for which course you have enrolled here?

Answer: The entire journey was an enriching experience..i am really grateful for the tutoring ,guidance and exposure i got via I Medita.i was there for multitrack course.

Question:  What are the three things you liked about I-Medita’s Training?


  • Target oriented tutoring program.
  • Expert guidance and support.
  • 24*7 Lab access and industrial Exposure.

Question:  Did you find that I-Medita training program helped you to mark your entry there?

Answer: Most definitely..its been a big contributing factor..

Question:  How would you rate I-MEDITA’s training program on a scale of 10?

Answer:  9/10 , Would like to see the institution develop into a truly world class hub of training and education.

Question:  Any specific suggestion and message to individuals who wish to explore career opportunities in Networking Domain?

Answer: Work hard and make sure that u attend the labs rigorously..and please ensure u get ur doubts and queries cleared then and there. .a thorough grasp of the basics is of prime importance.